Post #2- 10/25/16″Times” are really changing


Recently I came across a story highlighting that Time Inc., a company that owns people magazine, sports illustrated, and entertainment weekly among other has signed a deal with Ziosk, a company that has tableside tablets at restaurants and has become a very popular dinner entertainment choices for patrons of nearly 3000 restaurants. This is an example of how new forms of media are now taking over old forms like print magazines. The company Ziosk reaches nearly 50 million patrons a month, this will only build relationships for Time with people who may not generally recognize the brands as well as newer, and younger readers who would not typically choose these outlets for their ideal readings. I found this interesting on many different levels, the fact that new media is becoming more and more digitalized and the notion of the magazine moving from the coffee table or side table to the dinner table. Full story can be found at



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Post #1-10/18/16 Emerging Media



Social media has changed drastically over the years. This is one of the many emerging media aspects that has changed the way companies do business. Social media plays important roles in the marketing strategies of many of the world’s top companies and the ever changing way people connect and discuss brands plays a huge role in the success or failure of a product. While people in the past would turn to television or newspaper to find information on a new product entering the market, today social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest all are bigger players for the tech savvy world we live in today. I look forward to discussing these more in the coming weeks and learning new aspects of how people use emerging media in the world today!

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