Post #4- 11/13/16 Emerging media and the election

As the election for 2016 has come and now is gone I am surprised at the number of stories I am reading regarding the influence that emerging media has seemed to have had on the outcome. No matter what side a person may be on it is very clear that media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have played roles in both campaigns and seems to me to be the newest outlets for both sides to attract both new voters as well as people who may not be from a young demographic but still use social media as a platform for hearing key issues of candidates and making their decisions based on these. Facebook has even come under extreme criticism this week, with many people saying that the social media platform was a key swaying factor in the outcome of the election. Whether a person believes this or not is up to them but the facts are that over 10 million people shared on the popular platform that they voted in this year’s election, that to me is an amazing number and right at 10% of the entire population that voted. So, with all the facts social media and emerging media are going to have important impacts on this nations election and is something that anyone who is wanting to get the attention of people, this is a good way to do so.

Image result


Ref: Feldman, Dana (2016.) “Election Day Dominated Facebook With Over 716M Election-Related Interactions.” Retrieved from:



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