Post #5 11/20/16- Protesting in the digital age

Peaceful protests in America date back centuries and while viewing the news this past week I found an article that suggests protests are now going digital and becoming less in the way of in your face protesting. This to me is not surprising as we live in a digital/social media age and everything seems to be done online now. When looking at the metrics of each is digital protesting really protesting at all? By starting an online petition and gathering 1 signature or 50,000 signatures is it as effective as making a sign and heading to your nearest protest point to get your point across? For me I think that digital protests and petitions are productive and a good thing, they just don’t carry the same urgency as getting out in the public and asserting your position on a cause.

Ref: Hanson, Lilly (2016.) “Social media should not replace physical protest.” Retrieved from:



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