Post#6- 11/25/16 The Future of Social Media


2017 seems like it is going to be a big year in social media, even bigger than 2016 and previous years. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms are taking new trends by the reigns and it seems like social media ideas that were brand new yesterday seem to be old news today and are being replaced with newer, more exciting technology. Marketing on social media is also growing at an amazing rate, over 50% in 2016 and expected to grow even larger in 2017. Some of the newest technologies attracting companies to marketing on Facebook and other platforms are things like live video feed, messaging apps and other new ways to communicate with each other like never before. With so many people using the technology in their everyday lives it is hard to see any other way but up for the industry and with the incorporation of expansion in social media outlets it is almost inevitable that we will also see a decline in old ways of communication like print advertising as well as other forms of out dated communications tactics.

Ref: Bostock, Cheyenne (2015.) “8 Tips for Growing Your Social Media Presence.” Retrieved from:



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