Post #7-11/27/16 Tis’ the season…to be hacked

As the holiday season approaches I found an article that details how much new and emerging media like cell phones and tablets are reshaping the way people buy and receive gifts for the holiday season and how new threats surrounding media continues to become a concern each year. Some of the most popular gift choices also include some of the most hack vulnerable. Intel security reveals “Streaming Sticks, Drones and Smart Home Products Top List of Devices that Can Compromise Consumers’ Security if Left Unprotected. Survey reveals 84 percent of consumers will likely holiday shop online this year. Holiday season brings new gifts, and while 79 percent of consumers start using connected devices within the first day of receiving it, only 42 percent claim they take the proper security measures. Consumers know it’s important to secure their devices, but nearly half (47 percent) are uncertain whether they are taking the proper security steps to do so.” (Intel, 2016.)

Ref: Intel Security (2016.) “New McAfee Survey Reveals Only 42 Percent of Consumers Take Proper Security Measures to Protect Their New Gadgets.” Retrieved from:



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