Post #8- 11/30/16 Millennials and Social Media

Millennials make up a huge portion of the population that has helped emerging media such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, new and exciting ways to reach someone right next door or half way across the world. Like the way, the prior generation embraced things such as text messaging and instant messenger, the millennial generation is making these new platforms more popular than ever before. This is important to marketers because some of the most important consumers are millennial buyers. Millennials represent tremendous potential buying power, and are some of the most important consumers to reach through social media marketing. They’re also young and have grown up using the Internet, and are therefore more likely to embrace new technologies, which is important for emerging brands. While around 90% of the millennial population uses some type of social media it is important to also look at how social media has changes the way people communicate. A growing trend in 2016 has been the use of emoticons or emoji’s. The use of symbols instead of words to communicate has become a very popular trend among the millennial generation and is going to change the way people communicate with each other well into the next several years. Emoji’s also have the possibly to open a new and larger consumer market.

Ref: Johansson, Anna (2016.) “5 Ways Millennial Social Media Habits Will Change In 2017.” Retrieved from:



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